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Our Mission-  Salmen Tech Company constantly seeks out the best of breed products for Hazardous Area applications.  We seek high quality state-of-the-art products designed to lessen the maintenance and up keep through better technical design.  For instance our "Pointwatch" hydrocarbon detector requires NO routine calibration and has no known source of drift. 3 D Instruments feature analog gauges with NO GEARS and a 6 year warranty.

Our surge protection can help eliminate up to 28% of instrument and product failures in a plant, freeing the plant personnel's time and money. 


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Detector for fire                                 Expo Technologies for

Fire detectors                                      X Y or Z purging systems 

Surge protection                    Hydrocarbon Detection                     Vortex coolers    

Fieldbus terminators             Toxic gas detectors                            Motor purging                


3 D Instruments for:                                               Foxfury for:

pressure gauges                                                     Intrinsically safe LED headlamps.

Test gauges                                                             LED light and headlamps for a

Handheld calibration pumps                                  Forensic lights

Digital test Gauges                                                  Stealth Hunter's headlamps & Lights                                              


New technology for Industrial pressure transducers.                          Liquid Flow measurement

Very stable.   Chemically fused diaphragms eliminate drift.                   Totalizers

Digital gauges have up to 70 times output of standard strain             BTU Monitors

gauge transducers.  up tp 60,000 PSI.  Also available is a USB          Wireless Flow Measurement

transducer which is powered by USB port on your computer or laptop.

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Intrinsically safe Remote PC Terminals.



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    LED Headlamps  Work with both hands free, see better, Class 1 Div 1 Groups A B C & D

    T6 temp rating.   The lamps also swivel up and down.  For walking.  The only IS LED Headlamps in the world.




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Salmen Tech Co., Inc.

533 N St.

Bethel Park, PA 15102

Phone: 412-854-1822     Fax: 412-854-1851